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Wishing viral HTML script, I provided you to use them on Whatsapp for wanting their friends on Events so that you increase your relationship with your friends.

The script I provided you contain laptop scheme script, Amazon big billion scripts, free internet script, 50 GB HTML script, jio laptop, free2sms, spin prize, EID script, independence script, Ramzan script, Diwali script, etc.

Free Download Whatsapp viral HTML script

I am provided you with some HTML script that can be used in blogger websites. By using these scripts, you can earn revenue by placing ads of Google AdSense platform or from other ads websites. These wishing scripts are full of features and designable, and there is no uncorrupted scripts present here.

What is wishing script websites?

Nowadays we know that a lot of people are using Whatsapp for their personal use. These HTML scripts are also used for Facebook and Whatsapp users so that we can earn money from Whatsapp users.

For instance: Independence event is coming off a country and we want to wish our friends with great love we can share the link of this HTML script when they open it they feel happy and share them with other friends so that they also wish their friends like this by wishing script.

How to viral festival scripts? [earn revenue]

When people share a script with people near any festival, then people prefer it, and they send or share it with others. By this method, these scripts become viral on the internet and person who has the website of this HTML script get money by using ads on their website.

Features of Whatsapp wishing HTML script

  • Ø  You can change or add other images in it by removing the previous image
  • Ø  Size of these HTML script is very small like 500KB
  • Ø  No corrupted scripts are here
  • Ø  Whatsapp, Facebook share button available in them
  • Ø  Any size of image, file, links, and ads are supported
  • Ø  Mobile friendly
  • Ø  Lot of revenue can get with this
  • Ø  Easy to use and edit them

Advantages of these HTML Scripts

  • Ø  You can get revenue more than 500$ by using these wishing scripts
  • Ø  Large amount of traffic can get by this script
  • Ø  Increase domain authority and page authority of a website
  • Ø  No the need for adding of content in the site like a lot of posts

Wishing script for Blogger

Google provide their users with a blog platform whose name is Google blogger to make their own blogger website. People earn revenue by adding ads in their post with free hosting. 

Similarly, you can earn money by these scripts without any hardworking if your blog becomes viral. Google AdSense gives you money for showing ads on these HTML scripts, which is the easiest way to earn revenue. 

All of these scripts for bloggers are free forever. You can use any of them on your website without any restrictions.

Festival Scripts for WordPress blog

These scripts not only used in blogger but also can be used in a WordPress blog to earn revenue by showing ads with free hosting provided by many companies which have enough function for wishing and Festival HTML script.

Downloads viral scripts

Links of all viral scripts are available here download them from here without any problem and no fake relationship is available here all wishing links are original

1. Amazon Big Billion Script  Download

2. 50 GB Whatsapp script     Download

3. Free internet offer script  Download

4. Free laptop festival script  Download

5. Jio script  Download

6. Independence Day festival Script   Download

7. Happy Holi wishing script  Download

8. Diwali festival script  Download

9. Ramzan wishing script  Download

10. Happy Navratri Festival HTML script  Download

11. Christmas wishing script  Download

12. Paytm script  Download

13.  free2sms script  Download 

14. Spinner script   Download


The result is that you can earn money in many ways. This is the one method to make money by showing ads. Many people make money by affiliate links and amazon products and blog posts. Free download earning HTML script for blogger and WordPress from here to increase your website traffic.

Thanks a Lot

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