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What is 5G technology, how fast is 4G technology: Hello Friends welcome to SKR Creations, In this Article we discuss about What is 5G technology, how fast is 4G technology. At CES 2018, what we have not done about 5G technology, let us tell you that the technology that is being discussed at the moment, will it be as effective, we will know about it later.

It is about to be known only after its launch. But right now because there has been some delay in its launch, let’s know what 5G technology is and how fast it actually is from 4G, and when it is likely to come in the market.

If we consider Samsung, it is saying that, 5G technology is wireless fiber. Through which you will get super fast low latency internet everywhere.

Apart from this, it can also be said that the 5G network is going to be faster than any home cable internet connection, keep in mind one thing here that this technology is going to be wireless. This means that you are going to get internet at super fast speed without wires.

What is 5G?

We can be called 5G as the industry standard, which is faster than the currently running 4G LTE standard. Just like the way 4G has come in place of 3G, the fifth generation network has emerged as 5G instead of 4G, you can call it the new generation standard.

If we look at 4G LTE technology, let us tell you that this new network 5G is going to be very fast. Through this you can also say that in your car, smartphone or in your home etc., you can take advantage of fast internet anywhere, anywhere with super fast speed. Now you can guess how fast it is going to be.

You are going to see all the smartphones and other devices around the world on which the internet works, in the coming future, you are going to get 4G LTE technology instead of being equipped with 5G. The way 4G LTE network is working today, it is going to take up 5G space in the coming time.

How fast is the 5G network going to be?

Everyone is excited about 5G, and it is believed to be much faster than 4G. Talking about 4G, it is capable of giving you 100Mbps per second, while 5G is said to come with 10Gigabites per second. This means that 5G network is going to be 100 times faster than 4G network. This is the highest internet speed ever.

For example, if you watch us, currently on 4G and 3G networks, you can download two and a half hours of film in 6 minutes and 26 hours respectively, although on 5G you can download this movie in just 3.6 seconds Can download.

However, it is not only that you are going to get better speed in 5G, besides you will also get less latency on this network. This means that the response is going to be very fast, along with your load time.

How will a 5G network work?

5G works on an entirely new radio spectrum band in the network, let you know that 5G uses millimeter waves tightly, then transmits a frequency that works at 30 to 300 GHz, before it is 6GHz Works on. This technology was until now used for communication between satellite and radar systems.

Although millimeter waves cannot easily pass through any building or any other concrete object, 5G also offers the advantage of short sales.

For this, a small miniature based station has been established at a distance of about 250 meters. Due to this technique you get good coverage at any place.

These base stations also use MIMO extensively. MIMO stands for Multiple Input and Multiple Output. It is also possible that you have a home wireless router that works on MIMO technology, meaning it has a lot of antennas, which can easily operate in coordination between many different devices.

Large-scale MIMO can use multiple antennas at the same base station at the same time. This network also becomes so strong due to many other things.

When is it going to be available

If we discuss USA, let us tell you that Verizon can be said to have brought a non-standard 5G version in the second phase of 2018. And it is also being used as home internet in about 5 different cities.

However devices that support 5G cannot be connected to it. However, this is not the case with phones. The same is being said for AT&T and the same is being said about Qualcomm.

It is believed that this service is going to come for many smartphones in 2019. But this service may take some time to arrive. Actually, we are going to see this service only in 2020 in many countries.

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